Dental Implants prices

Dental Implants prices

Dental Implants Prices - Implants in the UK

Dental implants prices in the UK can vary a lot depending on where you choose to get treatment. People often choose a dentist they trust and who is near by and offers a reasonable cost of treatment.  However you should consider that not all general dentists are actually dental implant dentists. So by going to see your local general dentist may not be the best option. Moreover you should consider the long term results of dental implant treatment and not just the cheapest prices. Dental implants are a life time investment and you should consider quality treatment if you want to enjoy your new smile for many years.

One Tooth

£ 56
/ Per month
  • Restore your smile
  • Fixed price plans
  • No hidden extras

Implant Bridge

£ 183
/ Per month
  • Keep your adjacent teeth
  • Eat the foods you enjoy
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Preserve your natural bite
  • No more bridgework repairs

Dental implants pricing cost and fees for consultation

Example dental implant prices in the UK

  • Consultations with a dental implant coordinator are usually offered for free giving patients the opportunity to discuss their problems and get a idea about prices for their particular case and if they may quality for dental finance.
  • Consultations with implantologist, dental surgeon or periodontist  usually around £135 includes full written report
  • Detailed Implant treatment plan usually for medico-legal work £495-£1200 this includes any CT scan, models, diagnostic work ups and detailed step by step plan of problems and all solutions.
  • Surgical Implant placement per implant £1100 excludes the final tooth
  • Implant restoration per tooth from £1100
  • 2 Implants and 3 tooth bridgework from £6600
  • Full Arch Implant Bridgework from £16000
  • Denture stabilisation – Lower Jaw : 2 implants needed and implant denture from £4200. Upper Jaw : 4 implants required and implant denture from £6800

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