Dental Implant Surgeon in Birmingham – Dr Boota Singh Ubhi

Dental Implant Surgeon in Birmingham – Dr Boota Singh Ubhi

The leading dental implant oral surgeon in Birmingham - Dr BS Ubhi

​If you are a patient that values quality then make an appointment with the leading dental implant oral surgeon in Birmingham. Boota is an extremely skilled dental implantologist and GDC registered specialist in periodontics.  He is also qualified to offer you IV sedation for a more comfortable and pain free dental implant procedure. Dr Ubhi leads a select team of experts who are devoted to delivering excellence in periodontics and implantology at the practice in Harborne, Birmingham.

“He has a reputation for routinely surpassing patient’s expectations.”


Qualifications and professional accreditations

  • BDS (Liverpool) MDentSci (Liverpool) MRD RCS (England)
  • 1992 University Of Liverpool – Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • 1997 University Of Liverpool – Master Of Dental Science (Periodontology)
  • 2000 Royal College of Surgeons (England)- Membership in Restorative Dentistry (Periodontology)
  • 2000 Registered Specialist in Periodontics, UK

You are welcome to independently check my credentials.

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Dr Boota S Ubhi is a nationally known and respected clinician. He has been on the Specialist list in Periodontics since 2000. At present there is approximately less than 300 specialists on the dental register for this field. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.

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A few words about my career

After graduating from Liverpool University in 1992 and I went into general dental practice after completing vocational training. After working as a general dentist for 18 months I started a 2 year postgraduate Masters degree in Periodontology at Liverpool University. This was completed in 1997 and I subsequently became a part time lecturer in the Periodontal Department. In 2000 after passing the Membership in Restorative Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (England) I was entered onto the General Dental Council’s specialist register in Periodontics.

I have been involved in providing dental implants for over 20 years and have placed over 3500 implants with 98% success over this time.

I have been accepting referrals for advanced periodontal care and dental implant surgery since 1996. I have taught at both Liverpool University and Birmingham University Dental Schools. I have given lectures both nationally and internationally on periodontics and the surgical aspects dental implants, bone/soft tissue augmentation. In addition I am a Simplant trainer and provide clinical coaching for different dental implant systems.

External links to lectures and resources

I am also an active member of the British Society of Periodontology, the American Academy of Periodontology and the Association of Dental Implantology. As a registered specialist and dental implant surgeon with additional postgraduate qualifications you can be rest assured that all patients will receive the benefits of my advanced training in dentistry. In addition I continually update my knowledge in techniques through a commitment to continuing education. I have travelled all over the UK, Europe and the USA for postgraduate training. By seeking the care of a well qualified specialist you are ensuring that you receive the highest standards of treatment in advanced dental care.

Dental implant surgeon planning tooth implants Dr Boota Ubhi

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Vidya Nair
Vidya Nair
Jun 19, 2013 19:35

Hello Doctor

I am Vidya Nair studied Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from India & completed the internship program. I am preparing for ORE to get registered in UK as a dentist. I would like to do observation of practical’s which will be beneficial for preparation of ORE. I will be grateful if you give opportunity in your clinic.

I have attached my resume for your kind perusal. Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanking you

Yours Faithfully

Vidya Nair

May 10, 2013 20:29

hi i have lost majority of teeth on the one side and have been having denture for the last few years with no success there was nothing wrong with my teeth as they have found out dentist and hospitals but because i was in so much pain they had to be taken out. i would prefet implant but not sure how expenses they are as i am on a low wage and work part time. my dentist did say that i could have two implant and then inbetween have plate connected to my teeth which would save in having all new teeth put in (i had this before with my teeth and it last for over 10 years). i have lost my confidence a lot now and cannot eat with false teeth and they make me sick but have to wear them for work etc. if you could help i would be grateful i look forward to hearing from you

Sep 3, 2011 15:48

I am more pleased with my implants than I can say. Over recent years threeof my front lower teeth had become loose and were becoming ugly brownstumps. I believed my only option was a dental plate, a scary prospectbecause this is something I have always associated with old age

MP Aldridge
MP Aldridge
Aug 15, 2011 12:40

Totally impressed with the professionalism and the care at the practice.  The implants have transformed my life.  His life was blighted by crowns that were continually falling out.  I am delighted with the appearance of my teeth and my confidence has been restored.  A complex procedure was made as straightforward and painless as possible by the team in Harborne

Dec 13, 2011 09:38

hello heloo ….. i ahve a dark area around my implant on the gum line. is this anyting to worry about?

JH, Sutton Coldfield
JH, Sutton Coldfield
Jul 22, 2011 09:29

More pleased than you can imagine with the result. Previously I had Queen Mother style darkened stumps and my teeth had darkened through age.  Having the implants has transformed my life, I look younger and am much more confidence.  My family and friends have noticed the difference and are getting fed up of me going on about them.  I can’t praise us the team enough; it was unbelievably quick and painless.  In fact I have had fillings more painful !

Dr Boota S Ubhi
Dr Boota S Ubhi
Jul 23, 2011 17:44

Thank you for your postive comments about our practice.

Val Huskins
Val Huskins
Nov 14, 2011 16:28

Hi Dr Ubhi……. just a little note to say thank you for your kind attention and care you showed me during my visit to your practice. I now better understand my condition and the treatment needed….thanks again!

Dr Boota S Ubhi
Dr Boota S Ubhi
Nov 15, 2011 09:42
Reply to  Val Huskins

Dear Val, look forward to seeing you at the next appointment. keep up the good work with your oral hygiene!