Dental implant supported dentures cost

Dental implant supported dentures cost

Dental Implant supported dentures - Costs and advantages

Denture implants will cost you less than a regular denture in the long run, due to a greatly improved quality of life and comfort and health of your dental condition. A denture implant can replace missing teeth without affecting bordering teeth and can provide support for a partial denture or complete denture. Although an implant supported denture may cost you more financially in the short term you can expect to benefit from the following.

  • Denture implants will allow you to eat and speak with confidence.
  • An implant can provide a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth.
  • A denture implant will help to preserve the condition of healthy adjacent teeth by eliminating the use of clasps and the need to grind down adjacent teeth for support
  • Stimulate bone and tissue gums, which ensure an attractive and aesthetic result over time

Denture Implant treatment at Birmingham Periodontal Implant Centre

Dental implant supported dentures nobel

A lower full implant denture should or must be supported by 2-4 implants placed in the lower jaw for support. A lower denture supported by 2-4 implants is a far superior product than a lower denture without implants, because:

  • It is much more difficult to get adequate suction on the lower jaw.
  • The functioning of the tongue tends to break that suction, and without teeth the jaw bone tends to shrink and provides the denture less and less stability over time.
  • It is routine to be able to bite into an apple or corn-on-the-cob with a lower denture anchored by implants. Without implants, it is quite difficult or even impossible to do so.

Removable Implant retained denture video

This animation demonstrates complete tooth replacement with a removable dental implant retained denture. Material copyrighted by third parties, provided courtesy of Straumann

Denture Implants - Advantages & Benefits

In any case, implant supported dentures provide several advantages over conventional dentures. They offer improved comfort due to less irritation of the gums or risk of periodontal disease. The denture implant supported denture will give you more confidence due to less risk of slipping out, and appearance due to less plastic required for retention purposes. Patients with implant supported dentures have increased chewing efficacy, can speak more clearly and have less bulky dentures.

Some patients who believe they have “bad teeth” may think it is in their best interests to have all their teeth extracted and full dentures placed. However, statistics show that the majority of patients who actually receive this treatment wind up regretting they did so. This is because full dentures have only 10% of the chewing power of natural teeth, and it is difficult to get them fitted satisfactorily, particularly in the lower jaw.

Even if a patient retains one tooth, that will contribute to the denture’s stability. However, retention of just one or two teeth in the upper jaw does not contribute much to the overall stability of a denture, since a full upper denture tends to be very stable, in contrast to a full lower denture. The Birmingham Periodontal and Implant Centre advise that patients keep their natural teeth as long as possible, especially their lower teeth.

Wearing dentures immediately after surgery

Following denture implant surgery, patients who ware removable dentures may require their dentures be modified. It may also be advisable to leave them out for a period of time in order to prevent them resting on the newly placed implants. During settling in stages, metal framework dentures may need to be replaced with a plastic set, as they are more easily adjustable. The fitting surface can then be altered when the implants are placed.

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