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birmingham man replaces broken tooth with dental implants

A dental implant front tooth is a common procedure. Titanium dental implants are considered to be safe and have a long and proven track record. The first dental implant was place in 1965; so with well over 50 years of clinical use, patients have been benefiting from this dental technology for many years.

Titanium is used due to its low toxicity and allergenic potential, it also has an incredible osseointegrative ability, which means that your bone can grow and become part of the implant. Dr Boota Ubhi has placed well over 3000 implants during his 15 years operating as a GDC registered specialist in periodontics. Furthermore he is a very well qualified and experienced dental implantologist, his success rate is 98%

Have you lost or damaged a front tooth in an accident?

It is quite common for people to loose or damage teeth in an accident or during a physical trauma of some kind.   The most common teeth that are subject to injury are the front teeth, usually due to an impact or fall in a forwards direction. A dental implant front tooth is sometimes needed to replace the missing tooth.  If you have you suffered an dental injury to your teeth for any of the following reasons we can help you.

broken cracked front tooth implant
Chipped or damaged front tooth in an accident?
missing front tooth
Knocked out a front tooth?

Tooth replacement for a damaged or missing front teeth. What are my options?

Depending on how serious the trauma and how much of the front tooth remains, there are various treatments that can restore your smile.  It is critical that you seek the advice from an oral surgeon as soon as possible after the accident. The dentist will check the health of your teeth and gums, and advise if dental implant surgery will be required.  You may be able to avoid any immediate or future problems such as infections or decay where the front tooth may be lost forever. Early intervention will bring you the best results in terms of a healthy mouth and restoration of your smile. Depending on how much of the visible tooth remains and the severity of trauma to the tooth root the following treatment options may be available to you:

The three main options for a front tooth repair:

Minor Accident – Got a small chip or crack?

Composite bonding is a solution for minor damage to a tooth. For example a small chip or fracture where a part of the tooth has been lost during the dental accident. The tooth is built up using a composite resin which is attached to the tooth. The resin is worked and shaped to create the shape of your original tooth thus filling in the damage.

Also the resin is accurately matched to the colour of your natural tooth. In conclusion, it is obvious that composite bonding is fast and a cheaper alternative to crown restoration or a front tooth dental implant. The procedure can be completed in just one appointment and can last you for many years.

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry.

composite front tooth repairs

dental composite front tooth

Moderate Accident – Broken or lost part of the tooth?

If too much of your tooth has been damaged and rebuilding it with composite bonding is not possible  then a single tooth crown is the next solution. A crown is a cheaper option for tooth replacement than getting an implant fitted. However for a crown to be successful the tooth root and supporting structures should not have been severely injured during the accident.

A crown is an artificial tooth like a cap that is placed over the remaining front tooth. The damaged tooth will be ground down so that the crown can be fitted on top. To complete the cosmetic procedure so that it looks the same as your remaining natural teeth, a porcelain crown can be used. Porcelain can be accurately colour matched and is not subject to staining or discolouration over time.

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front teeth corwns before

front tooth crowns smile after

Serious Accident – Tooth missing or root damage

A dental implant front tooth is by far the best procedure for replacing missing teeth. Following dental implant surgery, your jaw bone will provide a strong stable foundation that will support the implant and abutment.  Next your oral surgeon can then give you cosmetic options for the final artificial tooth that can be fitted on top of the implant abutment.  It may be the most expensive option however the final aesthetic results will be superior to the other cosmetic dental procedures. This is important since your front tooth is visible to the world when you smile.  People will not notice that you have lost a front tooth and your smile and confidence will be completely restored.

In addition you are less likely to experience future cosmetic problems with a dental implant. Over time small areas of decay can appear around a composite bond. Finally in the case of a crown restoration the gum line can sometimes recess, leaving a dark area between the crown and pink gums. These unsightly problems would need to be rectified costing you more money in future.

Learn more about the Dental implant cost for one tooth

front tooth broken implant

front tooth dental implant after

Dental Implant cost for one front tooth

One Tooth

£ 56
/ Per month
  • Restore your smile
  • Fixed price plans
  • No hidden extras
  • CEREC Crown
    The biggest advantage of a CEREC crown is that you will get the final restoration on the same day. Your new crown will be designed and milled right here at BPI Dental Clinic.
  • Porcelain Crown
    A porcelain crown will be custom-created in a dental laboratory. The impressions will be taken and sent to the Lab. Porcelain crowns have a very natural translucent look.
  • Full Zirconia Crown
    Zirconia crowns are the strongest type of dental crowns. They are not as translucent as porcelain but the final aesthetics can be very impressive when completed by a skilled dental professional.

Benefits of single tooth implants


Healthy teeth and gums can restore your smile!

front tooth broken implant front tooth dental implant after
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I am still confused? Which treatment is for me?

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