Dental implant cost for one tooth

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The dental implant cost for one tooth is well worth the expense as it can last you a lifetime. The first implants were put in place over 30 years ago and are still functioning today. To date, there is no time limit on the life expectancy of successful implant. Some implant manufactures only give a two year warranty on their implant systems. While other systems may have a warranty of five or even ten years. To be certain your implants will last a lifetime you may want to join our exclusive “Implants 4 Life Club”.

What is the dental Implant cost for one tooth? Fair dental care pricing!

"We take pride in our fair and transparent dental implant pricing policy. No hidden extras or unexpected costs. Quality Price Promise! "
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Kuldeep Sohal
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One Tooth

£ 56
/ Per month
  • Restore your smile
  • Fixed price plans
  • No hidden extras
  • Implant consultation
  • X-Ray or CT Scans
  • Surgical procedures
  • Dental Implant
  • Crown & Abutment
  • Hygiene package
  • Aftercare medication
  • * Based on a standard case. Customised treatment can be discussed at your initial consultation. No hidden extras, you will be informed of all treatments & costs. Your personal treatment plan will detail everything and this is the final price you pay!

One tooth replacement dental finance

  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 60 months

Have you had a missing tooth for some time? Now finally decided you want replacement teeth.

People have missing teeth for many different reasons. Unfortunately most people don’t bother with replacement teeth and just live with the discomfort. Maybe you are a nervous patient, afraid of dental treatment?  Maybe you can’t afford it? The dental implant cost for one tooth has probably stopped you from seeking treatment in the past. So you decided just to live with the tooth gap in your mouth as you don’t want false teeth.

In the long term this is not such a good idea for the health of your teeth and gums. Your oral condition and quality of life may suffer without the necessary dental care.  With a one tooth implant we can solve many of the problems you are experiencing and avoid future problems. We can help restore your confident smile, you will see the many benefits of dental implant treatment.

one tooth implant missing teeth before one tooth replacement implant
one tooth implant smile after

Why is a single tooth implant necessary?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is a solid titanium screw which is inserted into the jaw to replace the roots of natural teeth.  This prevents your jaw bone from “resorption” (bone loss). Where over time your bone will be lost and this can significantly change the shape of your mouth and face.


Why do Dental Implant costs vary so much?

Dental Implant cost for one tooth. Not all prices are the same.

Wherever you choose to get your dental implant surgery done, there are various factors that can affect the cost of your treatment and getting the final implants fitted. First of all there is the cost of the implant system itself. Different manufactures have different prices, suppliers may also offer discounts to certain dentists.  There are cheap implant systems out there. Rest assured BPI Dental only use the top certified implant systems for your treatment. Manufactures such as Straumann, Dentsply, Nobel Biocare and Zimmer Biomet. Secondly, the cost of the procedure will vary depending on the experience and qualifications of the implant surgeon. The main factors to consider when pricing the treatment cost per tooth:

Over 100 dental implant system manufactures

There are over 100 different implant system manufactures. As you may expect some have quality products while others are cheap and poorly made. Some of the more well known are Straumann, Zimmer Biomet, Nobel BioCare, MIS, BioHorizon, and Dentsply. The cost per tooth implant can vary. Some dentists will choose cheaper systems, and their patient will be non the wiser. However if you choose to get your treatment done at BPI Dental you do not need to be concerned about which system to use or its associated cost. Our highly skilled implant surgeon will carefully select the best type for your particular case. This custom selection will only be done from a clinical standpoint, to be certain you get the best treatment possible. We never choose cheap implant systems, we choose the best for you!

Why Education and Experience matters?

The dental implant procedure is actually a surgical procedure.  Your general dentist may not be able to perform the surgery unless they have attended a specialised course.  Because inserting the implant involves minor surgery to your gums and then implanting it into your jaw bone.  Probably the best dental specialist able to perform this surgery is a periodontist. A periodontist is a specialist gum dentist who has undergone post-graduate training in this special area of dentistry. Our lead implant surgeon is Dr Boota S Ubhi is a registered specialist in periodontics (GDC Registration No.68294). He has successfully completed many 1000’s of implant cases. Dr Ubhi actually teaches other general dentists to perform implant procedures. You may be able to find cheap implants on the internet for between £600-£800. An experienced dentist would never be able to offer implants for this low cost. You will find that implants this cheap will usually be done by dentists who are on a course and learning for the first time. The risks are obvious; should you wish to be used as a guinea pig?


The biggest advantage of a CEREC crown is that you will get the final restoration on the same day. Your new crown will be designed and milled right here at BPI Dental Clinic.

Porcelain Crown

A porcelain crown will be custom-created in a dental laboratory. The impressions will be taken and sent to the Lab. Porcelain crowns have a very natural translucent look. Due to the wonderful aesthetics these types of crown are often used in visible areas of the mouth. For example the front teeth which are really visible when you smile.

Full Zirconia Crown

Zirconia crowns are the strongest type of dental crowns. Because they are hard and strong they are often used for teeth at the back of the mouth. Because this is where a person chews, there are higher bite forces in these regions of the mouth. Zirconia crowns are not as translucent as porcelain but the final aesthetics can be very impressive when completed by a skilled dental professional.

Tooth Extractions

You may require a tooth extraction before the implant treatment can begin. Obviously if you have had the entire tooth and root missing for some time this will not be necessary. However if you have badly damaged a tooth during a recent trauma or have a tooth that cannot be saved due to disease or decay then an extraction will be carried out prior to the implant procedure.

Gum Disease

Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is an infection of the underlying supporting structures of the teeth. Periodontal means “around the tooth”. Periodontal diseases are gum and bone infections caused by the bacteria (germs) in your mouth. These infections destroy the foundation, the gum and bone around your teeth. You will not be able to begin implant treatment until you are free from periodontal disease.

Bone Graft for dental implant

Bone grafting is usually required when there is inadequate volume of bone to place implants successfully. There are many reasons for this such as previous gum disease, natural resorption after extraction, trauma or infection which can all lead to this loss of jaw bone

Affordable one tooth dental implant in Birmingham

single tooth dental implant cost single tooth dental implant price after replacement
I've had the implants now for six years, had no issues with them whatsoever. People often comment on how nice my teeth are!
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