Dental Bridge Vs Implant

woman replaces missing teeth with dental implant bridge

The cost of a dental bridge Vs implant can be quite different depending on where you go. If you choose fixed bridgework supported on your own teeth, the solution will not last as long as implants. For a three tooth fixed bridge the average cost will be from £1950.

If you decide to go with dental implants, which are more expensive but significantly better. The average cost for a three tooth fixed bridgework retained on two implants is £6600. This is  £183.33 per month 0% APR (1st year)  dental finance arrangement spread over 3 years. (7.9% APR remaining years)

There are no hidden extras in our pricing, the cost includes all 2D X-rays, appointments and the premier implant system. The quality dental implant system comprises of a titanium implant, abutment and porcelain crown.

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Dental Bridge Vs Implant - What is best for me?


I have a few missing teeth or broken bridgework, can implants help me?

If you have a few teeth missing that are next to each other then you have two main options to replace the teeth. Firstly, you could consider getting a fixed bridge or partial denture. You can think of a bridge as two or more crowns joined together, some people call them false teeth. They can replace your natural tooth that has been lost.   A bridge can be used to fill the gap provided the teeth on either side are healthy. The main disadvantage of a bridge is that the healthy teeth on either side of the gap must be ground down (abutment teeth) in order to support the bridgework. The possible negative effects on these once healthy teeth may have a number of long term consequences for your dental care. 

Dental Bridge - Supported by teeth

Healthy teeth ground down (abutment teeth)
Dental bridge cemeted on abutment teeth

Bridgework - Problems

Some of these problems can be seen in the patient cases below. Have you also had failing bridgework for many years and are now considering implants? Has your bridgework eventually broken? The type of bridge you have; such as a Cantilevered bridge or Maryland bridge may have affected your surrounding teeth. If you have been suffering some of the problems with conventional bridgework then dental implants can help you.

Failing dental bridgework

Treatment Procedures – Dental Bridge Vs Implant

When considering a dental bridge Vs implant you may also be concerned about the procedure itself.  There are a number of pros and cons for both treatment options. For example if you are a nervous patient maybe you are worried about the implant surgery? For other people the duration of the treatment is a more important matter to consider. Whatever your concern, you may rest assured that the team at BPI Dental will make the procedure as comfortable and efficient as possible using all the latest dental technologies.

(1) Procedure for a Dental Implant Bridge

(1) Appointment  – DAY (1) – Consultation
(2) Appointment  – DAY (1) – X-Rays or CT Scan (if required)
(3) Appointment – DAY (1) – Diagnostic mock-up and treatment planning
(4) Appointment  – DAY (1) – Surgical placement of dental implants & remove failing teeth (If required)
(5) Appointment  – DAY (1) – The final bridgework is made out of titanium framework*

*There are a few extra appointments before fitting bridge, try it in and check shade and fitting

(2) Procedure for Fixed Bridgework

(1) Appointment  – DAY (1)
Preparation – An impression is taken of your teeth. Where the missing tooth is, the healthy adjacent teeth to the gap are ground down. Impressions are sent to the lab

(2) Appointment  – DAY (7)
Optional try in – Un-glazed porcelain crown is returned from the lab it is checked for the shape and colour against you adjacent teeth.

(3) Appointment  – DAY (14)
Complete & Fitted – The final porcelain bonded to gold or porcelain crown is fitted to you teeth

Disadvantages of Bridgework

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental Implant Bridge - Success

The second option would be a dental implant bridge. Dental implants used by BPI dental are high quality and will allow you to replace your missing teeth. We can preserve the condition of your natural teeth on either side of the gap. Therefore the implants will provide a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth. These quality implants will look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Above all the implants will stimulate bone and gum tissue and provide an attractive and aesthetic smile that will last you for many years.

One tooth implant saving healthy teeth either side of the gap
Three tooth fixed bridge on two implants

Cost of a Dental Implant Bridge

Implant Bridge

£ 183
/ Per month
  • Keep your adjacent teeth
  • Eat the foods you enjoy
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Preserve your natural bite
  • No more bridgework repairs


  • Implant consultation
  • X-Rays or CT Scans
  • Dental Implants
  • Abutments
  • 3 tooth Bridge
  • Hygiene package
  • Aftercare medication
* Based on a standard case. Customised treatment can be discussed at your initial consultation. No hidden extras, you will be informed of all treatments & costs. Your personal treatment plan will detail everything and this is the final price you pay!

Cost of Fixed Bridgework

Dental Bridge

£ 65
/ Per month
  • Cheaper than implants
  • Fixed price plans
  • No hidden extras
  • 0% APR availiable


  • Consultation
  • X-rays
  • Impressions
  • Temporary Bridge
  • Final Bridgework
  • Dental Laboratory
* Based on a standard case. Customised treatment can be discussed at your initial consultation. No hidden extras, you will be informed of all treatments & costs. Your personal treatment plan will detail everything and this is the final price you pay!

Replaced my failing bridgework with a dental implant bridge!

dental bridge vs implant patient dental implant bridge patient smile
I have been absolutely delighted! One thing I could never do was bite an apple. Now I can eat as many apples as I want to...
dental implant bridge patient

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