All on four dental implants cost

All on four dental implants cost

Can I afford implants? All on four dental implants cost

all on four dental implants nobel biocare

All on Four

£ 315
/ Per month
  • Same day teeth
  • Avoid bone grafting
  • Immediate function
  • 36 Months
    Nobel Biocare “All on 4” – Full arch bridgework (inc.Implants) This includes the same day bridgework and fixed final bridge 3 months afterwards.
  • 60 Months
    Nobel Biocare “All on 4” – Full arch bridgework (inc.Implants) This includes the same day bridgework and fixed final bridge 3 months afterwards.

Watch a video about the benefits of all on four treatment

Costs Vs benefits of bridges and dental implants

This illustration of costs versus benefits of bridges and dental implants can be see below. During your initial consultation with our specialist oral surgeon you will come to appreciate the many benefits of the all on four implant procedure in the long term.

If you have had quite a few teeth missing for some time then most likely your remaining teeth will be removed and replaced with implants on the same day. Even though all-on-4 may seem expensive to some, the long term benefits and improvement to your quality are life will be significant. A new implanted full set of teeth can last you a lifetime!

What does the all on 4 procedure involve?

The all on 4 procedure involves placement of up to 6 implants but generally only 4 implants are needed. The implants are angled in such a way as to avoid the vital structures such as the maxillary sinus and also lower nerves. By angling the implants in a incline of up to 45 degrees much longer dental implants can be used. These longer implants give much greater stability and this can utilised to attach a fixed bridgework in the same day. Learn more about the all on 4 cost.

Watch this video and Discover the All-on-4® treatment concept, a minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch restoration for high patient satisfaction. Material copyrighted by third parties, provided courtesy of Nobel Biocare

What is the all-on-4 treatment time and healing advantage over conventional implant therapy?

The minimum time frame for this treatment is usually approximately 4-6 months. This includes immediate bridgework fitted at the time of implant placement surgery and also the final definitive bridgework which has a titanium framework for long term strength. The second bridgework is carried out approximately 3-6 months after the first bridge is fitted. The advantage of this that you can get used to wearing the bridge and also if any changes need to be made in terms of size, shape or colour match of teeth this can be easily done for the final bridgework. The initial bridgework is only fitted after you have given the approval before the implants are placed.

What is success rate? How long will they last?

The success rate of this type of procedure is much higher than conventional full mouth implant treatments. Therefore the all on four dental implant cost will be lower because other procedures may not be required. For example other dental techniques either before or after implant surgery. Firstly by avoiding bone grafting the success goes up as there less to go wrong. Secondly by using fixed bridgework instead of removable denture in the healing phase the implants are subjected to undue forces and constant rubbing with the dentures.

How long they will last depends on maintenance as with anything. We recommend at least 6 monthly routine examinations after the first year. Our work is guaranteed for 5yrs subject to the patient having attended the regular reviews and maintenance visits

What is the difference between all on four and normal denture implants?

Dental implant supported dentures usually involves placement of dental implants and if in the back of the upper jaw some bone grafting. The bone grafting usually needs a period of maturation/healing of up to 16 months in the upper back of the jaw. After the bone graft has matured then implants are placed and which requires a further 3 to 4 months of implants bonding with the bone (osseintegration) . Once these implants have healed and set within the bone then the procedure for the final bridgework can start.

No hospital visits for a CT Scan – BPI Dental Birmingham keep the all on four costs lower for our patients

With all-on-4 , the key is the latest technology and preparation. As one of the few practices in Birmingham to have a CT scanner we are able to assess to much greater detail the bone structure and also where the vital structures such as sinuses , and nerves are. By using the latest software such as Simplant or Nobelguide (both world leaders ) we are able to plan exactly where the best position for the implants is. This also enables to order the exact components for the procedure.

The Bridgework is made ready before the surgery by the second specialist dentist (prosthodontist) who only deals with the crown, bridgework, and restoration aspect. This is complimented by the in house lab technician who will adjust the bridgework. Majority of the patients have experienced minimal post surgery pain or swelling due to all the procedures being carried out the same day.

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Feb 10, 2014 19:18

I have had fillings upon fillings and they always crack and break. I keep telling my dentist that dentures would be a better bet for me. I have such low self esteem and always have and I believe a lot of it is my teeth. I personally know that fillings are a waste of time because I have been through it multiple times. I am also in need of a periodontist that excepts my insurance and no one does. I only have like one back tooth left, which yet again another good reason for dentures! I just want something to be done that will make it so I don’t have to keep coming back for fillings upon fillings.

Lindy Fredrickson
Nov 3, 2013 03:54

May I ask how much this cost ? I have been quoted 15,000 for the one dentist to place the rods and another 13,000 for the prosthodontics for a total of 28,000 for the upper arch.

Val Huskins
Val Huskins
Jul 24, 2011 09:43

Yes I have now read the information about all on four by nobel bio care, the treatment does sound appealing, my first experience of implants seem to take ages and alot of time between visits.

Aug 13, 2011 13:58
Reply to  Val Huskins




Val Huskins
Val Huskins
Jul 22, 2011 11:42

I understand that you have specialists at BPI Dental and maybe you can offer me some advice? My implant retained plate is causing me some dental problems, it keeps moving and is uncomfortable.

Jul 23, 2011 14:52
Reply to  Val Huskins

I have answered your question on another post, however please also note that your prosthesis is only supported by 3 implants. All on four solution could greatly improve the function of your teeth.