Can I really have new teeth in just one day?

Due to recent advances in dental implant procedures and our investment in new technology at the Birmingham Periodontal and Implant Centre, we are now in a unique position to offer you new teeth in a day! There are very few dentists in the UK can that offer this treatment option. There are many advantages to getting your implant therapy in one day. Firstly, you will not have to put up with an uncomfortable denture while you wait 8-10 months for bone grafting or gums to heal as with conventional implants. In addition qualified patients will probably not have to undergo a bone grafting procedure at all. You really will walk away from our clinic with new teeth in a day! You will have a beautiful smile, and a full set of functional teeth supported by a state of the art implant system.

All on 4 compared with conventional dental implants

Nobel Biocare - All on 4 Conventional Implants
Consultation & Diagnostic Mock up Yes Yes
Xrays & CT scanYes Yes
Bone GraftingNoYes
Wait 6-12 months for bone graft to mature NoYes
All implants done in one day Yes Maybe
Fixed Bridgework Same Day Yes No
Removable Dentures/Bridgework NoYes
Final Bridgework 4 months later
Yes Maybe
Costfrom £16,000 per arch+£3000/6000 for bone graft
Denture adjustment NoMaybe twice
Time off workMore due appointments
Total Duration4-5 months12-18 months
Total appointments 615

The advantages of All-on-four treatment.

1) FEWER IMPLANTS – Only four/five rather than six or eight per arch.
2) SAME DAY TEETH – Walk away with new smile and restored confidence.
3) IMMEDIATE FUNCTION – You can eat immediately after the procedure.
4) PREDICTABLE AESTHETICS – Restore you smile.
5) FAR LOWER COST TO PATIENT – Less appointments / time of work.
6) AVOID THE NEED FOR BONE GRAFTING – Don’t wait for 6-12 months for implants.

All on 4 Dental Implant patient very happy with treatment

all on four happy implant patient 1

This patient noticed her teeth were becoming loose, and she was very unhappy with her smile. It was not possible to save her teeth and she did not want a denture. The patient was given all the treatment options but she decided to proceed with “All on four”…….. She never looked back!

Teeth in a day patient – Amazing results!

all on 4 happy patient birmingham 3

This patient was suffering from bad breath, and deep periodontal pockets resulting in loose teeth. She was diagnosed with severe gum disease and her teeth were un-restorable. Following treatment she is extremely happy with the result and is now enjoying steak once again, and not worried about her teeth falling out.

What would stop me from having teeth in a day?

There are very few contraindications but generally some illnesses where there has been radiotherapy to the jaws and also if you have taken intravenous bhisphonates is the absolute contraindications. In some patients there maybe lack of bone even for this procedure (usually very rare) and usually due to the fact they may have had teeth missing for almost 30 to 40 years. Usually then we may be able to revert back to conventional therapy or use a special type of implant called Zygomatic implant. These are a placed in a different bone (Zygoma instead of maxilla) and are much longer. After these have been placed either a removable implant retained denture or fixed bridgework can be done.

A little history about teeth in a day

Teeth in a day was first proposed using a technique developed by the pioneer of dental implantology Professor Ingvar Branemark almost 20 years. Using this technique it was possible to have dental implants surgically placed in the lower jaw and also have a pre made prosthesis which would be attached on the same day. This was named “Branemark Novum “. However this had a very strict surgical protocol and was such not applicable to the vast majority of the population. The second major disadvantage of this technique was that only the lower jaw could be treated. It was thought that the upper jaw bone was not strong enough to have immediate teeth or bridgework connected in just one day.Further work by Dr Paolo Malo from Lisbon Portugal dispelled this. He made some major adaptations to the surgical technique resulting in great success with his new all on 4 technique (Nobel Biocare). The major differences were that both the upper and lower jaw could be treated and that immediate bridgework and new teeth could be placed in just one day.

In the back of the upper jaw the bone quality there is not very dense and with the extraction of the teeth the sinuses gradually expand. Since the roots of the teeth actually prevent the sinuses from expanding, once the teeth are missing this can happen quite quickly. Conventional therapy involves actually grafting bone into the sinus area with either your own bone (autogenous bone)or using animal product (Xenograft, usually BioOss). The problem with your own bone is the fact this resorbs considerably (shrinks) and also a second surgical procedure from another part of the mouth to retrieve this, so the patient is left with two surgical procedures. The alternative of using a animal product (usually cow bone) is advantageous as only one surgical procedure is needed but the healing/maturation time of the graft can be up to 16 months depending on the size of the graft and the residual bone volume.