advantages - tooth implant prices Vs bridge

Tooth Implant Prices; Is the bridge still a wise option?

If you are still considering a bridge or removable denture to replace your missing teeth because you think tooth implant prices are too much, then you better read on. Tooth implants have now become common place in the world of dentistry. As with any new technology the more people adopt it, the lower the price becomes. Many dentists who just practice general dentistry now place tooth implants and thus this treatment option has become more accessible to the patient and caused the price of implant systems to come down in cost due to an increase in manufacture and production.

The removable denture or bridge versus the tooth implant is quite simply incomparable when solely considering the dental health and functional benefits to a patient. Unfortunately the price is still more for the implant therapy, but once you consider the advantages.

Advantages of dental implants


  1. Replace missing teeth while preserving the condition of healthy adjacent teeth.
  2. Stimulate bone and gum tissue to provide an attractive and aesthetic smile over time.
  3. You can eat and speak with new confidence.
  4. Provide a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth, which look, feel and function just like natural teeth.


Teeth in a day compared with
conventional dental implants

Consultation & Diagnostic Mock up Yes Yes
Xrays & CT scanYes Yes
Bone GraftingNoYes
Wait 6-12 months for bone graft to mature NoYes
Implant done in one day Yes Maybe
Fixed Crown Same Day Yes No
Cost(see below)(see below)
Time off workMore due appointments
Total Duration1 Day6-9 months
Total appointments

Benefits of tooth implants done in a day

At the Birmingham Periodontal & Implant centre we are able to place implants using the conventional methods which can take two or three months to complete, the disadvantages are obvious. However we are one of the few practices in the UK that now offer teeth in day. With this type of tooth implant it is sometimes possible to carry out the procedure even when there is not enough bone to accommodate conventional implants.If you have been told by your tooth implant dentist that you cannot have implants due to lack of bone, then we are in a position to offer you a solution to your missing teeth without having to undergo expensive and uncomfortable bone grafting procedure. There is more about teeth in a day here.

Prices of treatment for a tooth implant in a day

Appointment (1) – DAY (1) – Consultation at the beginning of the day
Appointment (2) – DAY (1) – X-Rays and CT Scan
Appointment (3) – DAY (1) – Diagnostic mock-up and treatment planning
Appointment (4) – DAY (1) – Surgical placement of dental implants & remove failing teeth (If required)
Appointment (5) – DAY (1) – End of the day your non-removable replacement teeth are fixed
Appointment (6) – DAY (1) – The final bridgework is made out of titanium framework

TOTAL PRICE FROM – £2500 – £3000

Prices of treatment for a fixed bridge

Appointment (1) – DAY (1)
Preparation – An impression is taken of your teeth. Where the missing tooth is, the healthy adjacent teeth to the gap are ground down. Impressions are sent to the lab

Appointment (2) – DAY (7)
Optional try in – Un-glazed porcelain crown is returned from the lab it is checked for the shape and colour against you adjacent teeth.

Appointment (3) – DAY (14)
Complete & Fitted – The final porcelain bonded to gold or porcelain crown is fitted to you teeth.


Prices of treatment for a removable denture

Appointment (1) – DAY (1)
Impressions – An impression is taken of your teeth. Impressions are sent to the lab

Appointment (2) – DAY (7)
Bite Stage – Prothodontist checks you bite, how your teeth meet together.

Appointment (3) – DAY (14)
Try in & Wax model

Appointment (4) – DAY (21)
Complete & Finished – The final acrylic denture or cobalt chrome is finished checked for comfort and function.