Cost for tooth implant – replace a missing tooth today

What are my treatment options and costs?

You have a missing tooth and are trying to understand the treatment options available to replace it with a functional and healthy solution. You have heard about removable partial dentures and porcelain bridges, but have decided they are not for you. After all there are many disadvantages to replacing your missing tooth using these methods. First of all you will have to get used to living with a foreign object in your mouth, which can cause you difficulty with speech and eating certain foods. Further information about the disadvantage can be found here: Partial Denture Advice – Birmingham – BPI Dental.

A tooth implant can be done in a day or over a few months

Therefore although a tooth implant may cost you more financially it is obvious in the long term you will benefit from a better quality of life. A missing tooth can often be replaced by a tooth implant. Implants act like roots of teeth. After they have been fitted and have healed in place, a crown may be attached to them. When dentures are held in place by implants they do not slip around. If crowns are fitted on tooth implants they act like normal teeth.

There are various types of tooth implants, the most commonly placed throughout the world are the conventional type often described as root-form or endosseous implants. These generally have a cylindrical form and may be threaded on the outer surface to assist placement. Other designs such as blades or subperiosteals have almost disappeared as the success rates of these types of implants is substanially lower. The success and rapid growth in popularity of the root-form tooth implant is largely due to its high success rate when trying to achieve a rigid fixation with the surrounding bone and the maintenance of this state throughout many years of function.

Tooth implants can only be placed if there is enough bone present in the jaw. When teeth are lost, the bone around a tooth gradually disappears. If too much bone has been lost it is possible to grown bone in its place, this procedure is called bone grafting.

Cost and benefits of tooth implants done in a day

At the Birmingham Periodontal & Implant centre we are able to place implants using the conventional methods which can take two or three months to complete, the disadvantages are obvious. However we are one of the few practices in the UK that now offer teeth in day. With this type of tooth implant it is sometimes possible to carry out the procedure even when there is not enough bone to accommodate conventional implants. If you have been told by your tooth implant dentist that you cannot have implants due to lack of bone, then we are in a position to offer you a solution to your missing teeth without having to undergo expensive and uncomfortable bone grafting procedure. There is more about teeth in a day here.