dental implant problems we can provide the solutions

Dr Ubhi is a leading dental implant surgeon who as placed over 2500 implants with 98% success over 15 years.He has also treated 100′s of referred problem cases.

The Birmingham Periodontal & Implant Centre is state of the art clinic providing excellence in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Many patients come to us with failing implants and we have the expertise to provide solutions and remedy problems. Many of these problem cases come from abroad, where UK patients believe they can get cheap implants abroad without considering the dangers to their dental health and the long term aesthetic result. Unlike teeth, implants cannot get tooth decay. However, like teeth they can suffer from gum problems. Teeth with untreated gum problems can become loose and be lost. This is also true with implants. Thorough daily cleaning is as important with implants as it is with teeth.

To ensure that any problems are detected early, regular maintenance check-ups are advisable. Problems are more easily treated if detected early. Check-ups may be recommended three, four or six monthly. In most cases review appointments will be more frequent during the first year that the implants are in function. Regular check-ups are every bit as important as they are with natural teeth, if not more so!

Referred dental implant problem cases – Don’t let this happen to you!

Dont delay, see a specialist today!

a failing implant is a serious dental implant problem

A failing implant is a serious dental implant problem.

Implant problem was mainly poor quality lab work

Fractured upper bridge, poor quality lab work carried out abroad Problem 1 - India - Fractured implant retained bridgework

This patient was referred to us after fracturing his implant retained bridgework which was carried out in India. All the implants are in a poor position and the subsequent bridgework was made of acrylic plastic. He was deceived when the dental implant dentist told him this was the final bridgework. This fractured after 2 months back in the UK and he is unable to return to India to get the problem fixed. He is in a much worse situation now as some of the implants have to be replaced and new fixed bridgework with a titanium framework constructed.

Problem 2 – Hungary – Cheap implants and broken crowns

problem with porcelain implant crown

Problem with porcelain implant crown

broken porcelain implant crowns

Broken porcelain implant crowns

Porcelain crowns attached to implants can break as they can when attached to natural teeth. However, removal of crowns from implants for repair is usually easier than from natural teeth. Implant supported bridges that become loose should be re-tightened immediately to reduce the likelihood of further unnecessary damage. Should it be discovered during a routine maintenance visit that an implant has failed or is failing, appropriate remedial action will be planned accordingly. Implants that become loose will not re-tighten and should be removed at the earliest opportunity. Should you notice any areas of soreness, discharge or pain on chewing near any implant or tooth you must immediately report this to the dentist responsible for your maintenance.

Implant success and your commitment to long-term maintenance

Success depends on your body’s reaction to implants and your personal care in order to avoid problems. Implants can fail due to gum disease just as teeth do. Success rates are constantly improving due to improved techniques and equipment. Natural teeth last longer today as awareness of the need for looking after them becomes more accepted. Both smoking and heavy alcohol consumption reduces the survival of implants (and teeth). If you think that either of these two habits could be a problem for you and your implants, it may be advisable to avoid this form of dental treatment or accept the higher risk of implant failure and associated problems.