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The perils of getting a cheap dental implant abroad

At the Birmingham Periodontal and Implant Center we come across many patients who have been abroad for treatment. As dedicated professionals we have a responsibility to warn all our patients who maybe contemplating such actions of the potential pitfalls of going for cheap dental implants. One of the main problems we see is the lack of long term treatment planning, as the patients have a short time abroad and the dentist provides too much too quickly. This results in the dentist cutting corners and in some cases ignoring the patient’s periodontal (gum) condition. It should be noted that an implant should never be placed in a patient with periodontal (gum disease), and this can be both costly to the patients financially and them paying a price for resulting deterioration in their overall dental health. Unfortunately, the consequences of poor treatment planning are not always immediate and can surface several months or even years later. The patient is left with a less than satisfactory outcome and may find it difficult to return abroad to have the dental implant problems solved. The remedial work ends up costing a lot more than if it was carried out in the UK, since the failed implants would have to be removed before any remedial work can be carried out.

cheap dental implants abroad are offered in Spain, India Budapest, Hungary Malta Prague Poland

Cheap and outdated implants systems as well as unregulated dental practices can be found in some places like; India, Budapest, Hungary Malta, Prague, Poland. Please research carefully.

General Dental Council (GDC) treatment abroad guide

The General Dental Council has acknowledged this problem and even produces a simple guide for patients regarding treatment abroad. This can be down loaded from the GDC website at http://www.gdc-uk.org under the advice section.

This simple guide asks some pertinent questions such as:

  1. Who will be providing my treatment and what are their qualifications?
  2. How many times have they carried out the procedure?
  3. What will happen if things do not go to plan, how much will it cost?
  4. How is the regulatory body abroad able to help?

We should also ask our patients who are contemplating going abroad the same questions as well. By posing these questions to our patients we are not trying to dissuade them but providing information on the potential risks involved. Being a referral practice we have also seen a significant amount of implant failures, such as nerve parasthesia, failed implants, peri-implantitis, fractured implants and failed implant retained crown/bridgework.

BPI Dental Vs Cheap Implants Abroad

Consultation with xrays£135Advertised FREE > caution hidden costs
2nd Consultation FREENot available
CT Scan facilityAvailable at practicePossible hospital visit
Specialist Implant SurgeonYESUnknown ??
Specialist Restorative DentistYESUnknown ??
Registered & Regulated by Dental Governing Body (GDC)YESPossibly not
How many years in Practice?Over 18 yearsUnknown ??
How many implants placed?+2500 (as of April 2011)Unknown ??
What is success rate?98% over 15 yrsUnknown ??
Implant system used?*ONLY TOP 5*
Astra , Straumann, NobelBiocare, Friadent & 3iBiomet
Cheap non-standard systems often used
Complaints procedure?YESPossibly Not
International teachers for Implant trainingYESUnknown ??
Guarantee &
Peace of mind
5 Years (Conditional)Possibly Not
Local Implants for local peopleClearly explained treatment plansEnglish language problems may confuse
Comparison of implants provided at BPI Dental and cheap implants abroad

Cheap dental implant systems are often used abroad

Using a cheaper dental implant system can often result in a long term problem for the patient as the implant systems used in these countries are typically one of the smaller manufacturers with little or no research. While the research aspect may be considered academic as titanium implants all integrate with the bone, the real problem is that the instruments and components used for these systems may not be available in the UK. On a number of occasions we have had to contact overseas practices to find out the system used and also where we can order the necessary components. At the Birmingham Periodontal & Implant Centre, we only use the major manufacturers such as AstraTech, ITI Straumann, Biomet 3i, Sybron Kerr, Nobel Biocare and Denstply Friadent.

exposed root of failing implant

exposed root of failing implant

cheap implant abroad fallen out

cheap implant abroad placed after just 2mths

BPI Dental only use the best dental implant systems

We make sure that the patient is getting the best product so that if they were to move practice or even abroad, they would not be disadvantaged in anyway. As we have no financial involvement in any of these manufacturers, the patient is the main beneficiary as he or she can travel with complete confidence knowing that only the best researched and most widely available products have been used. If you are a dentist and referring your patients for implants, we would suggest that you inform your patient of appropriate questions to ask regarding the implant manufacturer used and the availability of components.

One of the main disadvantages of treatment abroad is that the patient is not always able to necessarily return to the dentist to seek remedial treatment. Whereas, the advantage of having implant treatment locally is the convenience of being able to return to the dentist and be seen quickly if any problems develop. One of our main strengths is that we are based in Birmingham – Harborne and have been operating as a dedicated specialist practice for over 10 years. We are open 5 days a week, 8 till 6pm which enables us to see emergencies the same day. We are happy to receive any enquiries on patient treatment from the dentist either by email or telephone. Referrals are usually seen within one week and the reports are usually sent out within 48 hours of the patient been seen.

we use quality dental implant systems that may not be used overseas

nobel biocare all on 4 implant system

Nobel Biocare all on fourlogoBiomet3istrauman logo

dental implant problems we can provide the solutions

Dr Ubhi is a leading dental implant surgeon who as placed over 2500 implants with 98% success over 15 years.He has also treated 100′s of referred problem cases.

The Birmingham Periodontal & Implant Centre is state of the art clinic providing excellence in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Many patients come to us with failing implants and we have the expertise to provide solutions and remedy problems. Many of these problem cases come from abroad, where UK patients believe they can get cheap implants abroad without considering the dangers to their dental health and the long term aesthetic result. Unlike teeth, implants cannot get tooth decay. However, like teeth they can suffer from gum problems. Teeth with untreated gum problems can become loose and be lost. This is also true with implants. Thorough daily cleaning is as important with implants as it is with teeth.

To ensure that any problems are detected early, regular maintenance check-ups are advisable. Problems are more easily treated if detected early. Check-ups may be recommended three, four or six monthly. In most cases review appointments will be more frequent during the first year that the implants are in function. Regular check-ups are every bit as important as they are with natural teeth, if not more so!

Referred dental implant problem cases – Don’t let this happen to you!

Dont delay, see a specialist today!

a failing implant is a serious dental implant problem

A failing implant is a serious dental implant problem.

Implant problem was mainly poor quality lab work

Fractured upper bridge, poor quality lab work carried out abroad Problem 1 - India - Fractured implant retained bridgework

This patient was referred to us after fracturing his implant retained bridgework which was carried out in India. All the implants are in a poor position and the subsequent bridgework was made of acrylic plastic. He was deceived when the dental implant dentist told him this was the final bridgework. This fractured after 2 months back in the UK and he is unable to return to India to get the problem fixed. He is in a much worse situation now as some of the implants have to be replaced and new fixed bridgework with a titanium framework constructed.

Problem 2 – Hungary – Cheap implants and broken crowns

problem with porcelain implant crown

Problem with porcelain implant crown

broken porcelain implant crowns

Broken porcelain implant crowns

Porcelain crowns attached to implants can break as they can when attached to natural teeth. However, removal of crowns from implants for repair is usually easier than from natural teeth. Implant supported bridges that become loose should be re-tightened immediately to reduce the likelihood of further unnecessary damage. Should it be discovered during a routine maintenance visit that an implant has failed or is failing, appropriate remedial action will be planned accordingly. Implants that become loose will not re-tighten and should be removed at the earliest opportunity. Should you notice any areas of soreness, discharge or pain on chewing near any implant or tooth you must immediately report this to the dentist responsible for your maintenance.

Implant success and your commitment to long-term maintenance

Success depends on your body’s reaction to implants and your personal care in order to avoid problems. Implants can fail due to gum disease just as teeth do. Success rates are constantly improving due to improved techniques and equipment. Natural teeth last longer today as awareness of the need for looking after them becomes more accepted. Both smoking and heavy alcohol consumption reduces the survival of implants (and teeth). If you think that either of these two habits could be a problem for you and your implants, it may be advisable to avoid this form of dental treatment or accept the higher risk of implant failure and associated problems.