Dental Implants as alternative to false teeth

False teeth can affect your life and dental health.

Are you a patient faced with the possibility of having false teeth in the form of a bridge or denture? Many patients can become distressed with the prospect of living with false teeth for the rest of their lives. Apart from the detrimental effects to your dental health, you will have to cope with the inconvenience and often uncomfortable feeling of having a foreign object in your mouth. This can result in speech difficulties and problems with eating certain foods, in the worst cases people can suffer from a poorly balanced diet.

  1. Missing teeth results in bone being “re-absorbed”, loosing this bone can change your facial aesthetics in the long term (hollow cheeks)
  2. Eating certain foods can become difficult with false teeth.
  3. False teeth can sometimes take a long time to get used to; it does not feel natural to have a bridge or denture in your mouth.   Some people suffer with speech problems.
  4. General loss of confidence and self esteem, they can make you feel older than your actually are.


dental implants look better than false teeth –  bridge with claspsdental implants look better than false teeth – final smile bridge with clasps

Dental Implants can help to solve many of the problems associated with false teeth.

Dental implants will cost you less than false teeth, due to a greatly improved quality of life. They are more comfortable than false teeth and offer improvements to your health and general dental condition. They are a great alternative to false teeth and will give you the confidence to smile, eat and talk with more comfort. A dental implant can replace missing teeth without affecting bordering teeth and can provide support for a partial denture or crown and bridge work. Although a dental implant may cost you more financially in the short term you can expect to benefit from the following.


  1. A dental implant can provide a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth.
  2. A dental implant will help to preserve the condition of healthy adjacent teeth by eliminating the use of clasps and the need to grind down adjacent teeth for support
  3. Stimulate bone and gum tissue, which will result in an attractive and aesthetic result.
  4. Dental implants will allow you to eat and speak with confidence.


dental implant retain bridge –  illustrationdental implant retain bridge – final smile

Dental Implant treatment at Birmingham Periodontal Implant Centre

There are many treatment options to replace you old false teeth with a more healthy and functional solution for your missing teeth. The Birmingham Periodontal and Implant Centre can advise patients on how to keep their natural teeth as long as possible. You general dental health is our primary concern and we will only carry out treatments that are in your best interest.

You will receive individual advice, tailored to guide you in the best approach to good dental health and hygiene. We take time to discuss fully the options available for any treatment you may require. Our aim is to make your visits with our team as pleasant as possible. We understand how each patient’s comfort is an integral part of top quality dental care. By listening to your questions and concerns regarding your dental health, we are caring and skilled to help provide the best solutions.