Dental implants pricing cost and fees for consultation

Dental Implants pricing

1. Consultation £135 includes written report

2. Detailed Implant treatment plan usually for medico-legal work £495-£1200 this includes any CT scan, models, diagnostic work ups and detailed step by step plan of problems and all solutions.

3. Surgical Implant placement per implant £1100 excludes the final tooth

4. Implant restoration per tooth from £1100

5. 2 Implants and 3 tooth bridgework from £4900

6. Full Arch Implant Bridgework from £14900

7. Denture stabilisation

Lower Jaw : 2 implants needed and implant denture from £3800

Upper Jaw : 4 implants required and implant denture from £6800

During treatment fees may vary due to alternative procedures required due to changes in the treatment plan.